Right Brain Research

Our Right Brain Research methodology involves one on one, in-depth interviews with respondents. We use
visualization, relaxation and repetition techniques to gain access to emotionally rich information. Respondents
close their eyes and revisit experiences they have had with the product or service that we are studying. The pictures
of these experiences are available to them because the emotion they experienced at the time locked these visual
images into their long term memories. We interview respondents about what they are seeing and how they are feeling
in the picture. Our relaxation and probing techniques are subtle and indirect, which allows respondents to get
deeply into reliving the experience they are picturing. Reliving experiences in this way is much more powerful
than simply remembering because they have access to the emotions they had at the time and then can explain to
us why they feel the way they feel.

In a traditional market research interview, the interviewer might ask the buyer of an SUV,
"Why did you buy that SUV?" The answer will always be shaped by rationalizations and posturing,
preventing the interviewer from accessing the real reasons for decision making. Instead of giving
us information filtered by judgments of what is proper or what they think we might want to hear,
our indirect approach gets respondents to forget that they are being interviewed and allows them
to tell us about their experiences and what really motivates them.