Right Brain Strategy Development


We have a unique process for developing brand strategy - one that is superior to any other approach in the consulting field. We rely on our own brand, Right Brain, to inspire and guide us, so that our process and our techniques are all based on how the mind works.

We base Right Brain Strategy Development on the following discoveries, principles and processes:

The entire marketing team engages in the process from the very beginning because without their involvement and participation, the process does not work.

The team that works on the brand strategy project must include representation from all functions of the company. We include people from sales, advertising, public relations, market research, operations, legal, finance, research and development, manufacturing, human resources and the executive level. Just as a person cannot function with various body parts operating according to their own agendas, so too organizations are unable to function effectively when there are artificial walls separating their various functions.

Our clients are the experts in their businesses and they know far more about their businesses than we do. In fact, we find that they know far more than they realize. Everyone has tacit knowledge about the business they work in, tacit knowledge that cannot be used for business decisions until it is articulated. Therefore, we do not develop the brand strategy for you; instead, we work on developing the strategy together. The process begins before the two day work session with informal interviews that we conduct with key members of the brand team.

We want to be sure that the strategy that we create together becomes an integral part of the plans already in place, and if not, that we can see what must be done to revise these plans.

We facilitate the process. In a team setting, we draw knowledge, intuition and creativity from our clients that they have no idea they possess.

We use techniques for the facilitation process that are designed to unleash natural creativity. These techniques are based on neuroscience and how the mind works. Specifically, they are inspired by our understanding of the right and left brain and how they work together.

We conduct our sessions off site. Today's business environment is like a pressure cooker. It is not conducive to conceptual thinking or creativity. Unless we go off site and separate ourselves from the day-to-day environment, we will not be able to do the work that is required. Some clients want to save money or time by meeting in their own facilities. The work environment inhibits the flow of the creative juices that are essential to the process. Creativity requires an unfettered right brain. Our exercises are designed to release creativity. A fresh environment serves as a catalyst for this development.

We base the foundation of every communication strategy on the Right Brain understanding of the customer. If the brand does not connect with the emotional side of the consumer in today's environment, it will not succeed.

We help clients establish accountability. We integrate accountability into the brand strategy so that it becomes part of the fabric of the company. Our process includes commitments by all of the members of the team regarding what they will be responsible for and to whom they will be accountable.

We work with our clients to set metrics for measuring success at whatever time periods are already established in a business plan. Typically, we work with one, two and five year time periods. The metrics always include at least one right brain yardstick as well as the more traditional left brain yardsticks.

The heart and soul of the brand strategy that we develop with our clients is the Brand Promise. We arrive at the Brand Promise for each brand near the end of a two day off site work session. Once defined, we develop examples of how to bring the promise to life in every place where the brand touches the customer.

It is not necessary to take a lot of time to complete the process. The typical time frame is seven weeks, including the Right Brain Research.

We have a stake in the success of the brand and make certain that we follow up with the brand team to see that the brand strategy is successful.

Click here to download a copy of "Right-Brain Research in a Left-Brained World," Pharmaceutical Executive 2005