Our Story

Founded in 1972, The Right Brain People is an established consulting firm with an impressive history of
helping companies achieve their objectives. Our unique qualitative research methodology is rooted in basic
psychological principles. It is predicated on the fact that people are motivated to act, make choices and
buy products based on their emotions. The seat of emotion is the right side of the brain. In order to understand
what motivates consumers, then, we must access the right brain.

One of our earliest clients was Silver Dollar City. They employed us to tell them why people come back to
their theme park year after year. Silver Dollar City executives wanted this information to make strategic decisions
about how to build, enhance and grow the park. Using our methodology, we were able to explain their customers'
behavior. And since then, we have used the same methodology to answer 'why' questions to explain consumer behavior
for Coke, McDonald's, American Express and Nissan to name only a few.